Wellington Flash Platform Codecamp 2010

by Diane on 06/09/2010

Like last year I was part of the organising committee for Wellington’s Flashcamp this Saturday. It’s a community event from and for developers and designers, organised by the Wellington Chapter of the Flash Platform User Group and the Wellington Creative Suite User Group.

Organising the event was great fun. Approaching sponsors, finding a venue, inviting amazing speaker, ensuring awesome coffee supply, choosing a great conference bag, finding the best caterer, tweeting from @fpcodecampnz and buying lots of little goodies to make people happy during the day – all these tasks were a great team effort. Big thanks to Kai and Ross for being awesome organisers, and to all the helpers who lend a hand on Saturday!

Now that the event is over, I can say that most things went exactly as planned. Feedback is coming in via the survey we sent out the day after the camp, and most people really enjoyed being at the Flashcamp.

Unfortunately I missed most of the sessions myself. I did manage to see the keynote – Jack Yan on “The Evolution of Display Type” – and enjoyed Brenda Leeuwenberg and David Buck from NZOnScreen talking about Flash vs. HTML 5.

My own presentation was about embedding video with Acrobat, and I talked the audience through the process of adding a video to a PDF (including some potential pitfalls and how to make it a less out-of-the-box experience for the user). I had all of the Adobe and ex-Adobe people who came to the Flashcamp sitting in my session, which was great towards the end when a question was asked that I couldn’t answer, but overall it made me quite nervous – I’m sure that this was not my best performance ever. But anyway, I enjoyed sharing my knowledge, no one has complained so far, and overall we had a very awesome day. Have a look at my presentation (PDF, 50 MB – sorry for the file size, but it contains embedded videos), although it might not make much sense without context. But it’s worth having a look at the embedded videos – the are made by Wellingtonian Simon Burgin from CubicStudio and are pretty awesome.

Overall, all I can say: I hope we’ll do it again next year!

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