An email from Lush – Fail

by Diane on 29/09/2010

As a more or less loyal Lush customer I’ve recently joined their email  list to get informed about the latest products and occasional discounts. Today I got the first email from them, and it was a great fail in many ways. First of all, the sender of the email was “nzmailorder”, nothing that indicated it could be anything I had subscribed to voluntarily. Normally I would have marked this as spam just because of the unknown and slightly dodgy sounding sender. But for some reason the subject line caught my eye, which read: “Lush New Zealand – Thanks for taking the time to s”. What did they want to thank me for? Two fails before I had even opened the email made me curios, especially because I couldn’t remember any action they could want to thank me for.

After reading the email a couple of times, I can only assume that what they wanted to say was something along the lines of “Thanks for subscribing to our email list”, but I can’t be sure, since the word “thanks” doesn’t appear anywhere in the email. But it lists all the advantages of being a loyal customer, so I guess that’s what they wanted to say. Maybe they got victims of a length limit in the subject line? How did they not notice?

But it gets even better. As a reward for “becoming part of the wonderful world of Lush” they attached a discount voucher. To redeem I have to print it and take it into the store. Fair enough. But what if I want to redeem it in the online store? Well, although they provide a Promotion Code to be used on the website, they expect me to still print the voucher and mail it to them in Auckland, including my name and order reference number on the back. They must be kidding, right?

(difficulties reading the text? please click on the image for a lager view)

How can they make this process more inconvenient for the customer? And what’s a 10% discount if you have to pay for paper, envelope and postage (and time to get to the next letter box)? This clearly is a perfect example of someone not thinking through the customer experience, it seems almost kind of funny that they call themselves a “fabulous team” (at the very end of the text).

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