My Love for the Wellington City Library

by Diane on 20/04/2010

I’ve always been a big fan of libraries. I was a member of a “reading club” when I went to primary school, and my mom used to take me to the branch of Stadtbibliothek Essen in our suburb until I had read all books in their children’s and teenager’s section. Luckily I was then old enough to take the tram into town by myself, to get more reading matter whenever I needed to.

On our second day living in New Zealand I joined Wellington City Library, and I’ve been a regular visitor since. I love books and DVDs, I love the people and the atmosphere and I think they’re doing a lot of things right when it comes to delivering a positive customer experience. But today, they topped everything they’ve ever done so far, at least for me personally. It seems like they’ve tailored their offering just for me! But let me explain…

On the weekend I sent out the following tweet:

My fruit fly tweet

I got a few responses and started fighting the fruit flies with apple cider vinegar and lemongrass oil – the situation inside the house is now well under control. But I really do need to improve conditions for my compost bin. And as if the library knew I  needed some advice, today they sent this tweet:

Library's tweet

And from there they made it very easy for me to follow up on the seminar: one click on the link brought me to their events calendar.

Library Events Calendar

And another click on the ical icon automatically transferred it into my calendar on my Mac and my iPhone. Couldn’t be any easier – I wish more service providers would make processes so easy for me…

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