To blog, or not to blog

by Diane on 15/03/2010

I haven’t been blogging for more than a year. There are many reasons for it, but non of them are really good reasons.

For one, I didn’t like the old, gloomy theme, so it made me feel depressed when I looked at it. Why I chose it in the first place? No idea.

And sometimes, when I had a thought I wanted to get out there, I did a search and saw that someone else had discussed something similar, I chose not to blog about it. Which is stupid, I know. If there was only ever one opinion allowed for each topic, we would live in a very sad world.

I didn’t even blog from MAX last year, which was very stupid, too, since I like going back to look up the sessions/speakers I saw and review how they influenced my opinion over the time. It’s easier to do this in my own blog, than trying to locate my notes somewhere on my computer. But at least I had a good reason not to blog from there: I tweeted live from the conference for the online magazine Create or Die and wrote some more articles related to the conference for them. This was probably the only good reason not to post something to my blog for the whole year of silence.

What brought me back to rethinking my habits was that I noticed some people officially quitting their blogging activities. I know that in times of Twitter blogging seems to be a bit “old-fashioned”, but other bloggers still are a great source of knowledge and inspiration for me. I don’t read all the feeds I get into my Google Reader, but I do scan all titles at least a couple of times per week and I follow up on what catches my interest. I makes me feel sad to see people giving up on it and I was just about to start moaning about it, when I realised that I wasn’t any better. I never officially quit, but reading some of the “latest” posts made me aware that it was going down and then stopped with no explanation. I don’t want it to end like this, and even more I don’t just want to consume other people’s work. I want to contribute again, and I’ll make the best effort to get back into regular blogging! :-)

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