Air New Zealand’s new ePass

by admin on 01/11/2008

Normally I love Air New Zealand. Although they sometimes seem to be a little under-staffed, the overall travel experience is always great. And they develop amazing things for the web – for example How far can I go? and Home sweet as.

But today I thought they might have gone a bit over the top with the urge to deliver a perfect user experience. As Gold Elite members of their loyalty programme, Kai and I had a big envelope in the mail today, containing our new ePass. The ePass is a SIMcard sized tag, that can be used to check in quicker by waving the tag about 2-3 cm of a kiosk. Koru Club access is also faster, maybe because you don’t have to talk to the friendly lady who usually checks your boarding pass anymore. And the craziest thing: they want me to stick it to the back of my mobile phone! Are they insane???? I’m not sticking anything to my iPhone! Ok, there’s another option, you can also stick it to something else that you always carry with you when you travel. I guess, that would be my Air New Zealand Airpoints Card. So what’s the point of it? The checking in procedure at the electronic kiosks has been great most of the time anyway. Apart from all those days when they were out of order, but this is likely to happen with the new system as well.

Air New Zealand ePass

Air New Zealand ePass

I hope that there are some real advantage to this, maybe I’ll find out about when I’m traveling the next time…

Update: With the mPass iPhone app there’s no need for me to still carry the ePass for traveling. Flight details are now automatically loaded into the application, and a barcode created for scanning at both Koru lounge and  boarding gate make the ePass redundant for me.

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Scott December 2, 2008 at 3:25 pm

Hi Diane

Cool blog.

I am curious if you had a chance to use this new device? If so, could you comment on its usability?

Scott :)

Russ T June 19, 2009 at 7:53 pm

As a Koru club member, I too got an e-pass :) used it for the first time today….worked flawlessly! Check in using the kiosks is much simpler, and to get into the lounge i just waved my wallet (where it had been stuck) at the reader – green light!

If you’ve already travelled and try to use the lounge when you arrive (I’m stuck at CHCH airport for a few hours as some friends are on a later flight…thought I’d go and sit in the koru lounge for a few hours and do some work/drink free beer!) the system is clever enough to know and you get a RED light…quick explanation and flash of todays boarding pass to the lady at the door and i’m in the lounge.

So far so good with it….what a great idea!

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