Adobe MAX: Sneak Peeks and Customer Appreciation Event

by admin on 20/11/2008

Yesterday afternoon after the MAX Awards show (one of my favourites, Scrapblog, won RIA and People’s choice) we had the chance to look into some things the Adobe folks are currently working on. Jen deHaan has covert this perfectly on, so no need for me to repeat this here. :-)

Right after the Peeks we were picked up by busses for the great “Customer Appreciation Event” – I think that’s what they’ve called it and I’m sure that in previous years it was always just referred to as “the night event”, but I could be wrong. The journey ended at the California Academy of Science and the De Young Museum, where food, drinks, shows, and heaps of geeky stuff were waiting for us to be explored. One of the highlights was the new planetarium at the Academy (all digital now, no longer theses big metal machines in the middle of the theatre that we know from our childhood). There were heaps of live animals, in aquariums and other enclusures, but I’m not a big fan of living creatures in way too small cages, especially when they are ripped out of there natural day/night rythm and have to listen too loud music of not their choice. I tried to think that Adobe must have paid heaps of money for this event and that finally the money goes back to the animal by ensuring the museum doesn’t run out of funds. Apart from this it was a great night, a fabulous opportunity to catch up with people and the best food I have encountered in the US so far… Unfortunately we were kicked out at around 10.30 pm, I would have loved to stay a bit longer…

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