Google stopped Ecocho

by admin on 22/04/2008

Google has decided to stop Ecocho.

Does that mean Google don’t support the idea of making a difference for climate change? Apparently I have to use Yahoo as a search engine now, as they seem to support Ecocho massively. This can’t be in Google’s interest, can it?

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M Freitas April 22, 2008 at 12:00 am

I see it differently… They ask for supporters to email the AdSense support team – not Google Search. They probably decided to monetise the site using AdSense for search, and most likely stepped over one or more of the AdSense policies.

They don’t say this but I think the whole thing is about Googe AdSense saying they can’t run paid advertise on their pages…I think there’s something missing in that explanation.

Diane April 22, 2008 at 12:00 am

I see where you’re coming from. For sure it’s not ok to breach the agreement with AdSense, but
apparently Ecocho got the ok for the project from AdSense people in Australia before they started it (it’s in the comments to their original blog post at So this is more the known problem of a huge corporate, where staff in one part of the world don’t know what their colleagues in the other part committing to…

I can’t quite understand why Google doesn’t want to support Ecocho, do they fear their advertising clients will get too many hits? As far as I know people tend to click on adverts if they are interested in the topic, not to save the world or to finance a poor blogger’s living. I’ve used Ecocho for a week now and haven’t clicked on a single ad. It should be in Google’s interest to have increasing numbers of search engine users noticing their client’s advertisements. There must be a way around this trouble, and I’m sure if people got together to find a solution rather than just cutting off the service, a compromise could have been found.

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