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by admin on 14/03/2008

Yesterday’s Dominion Post had an article about dangerous txt-driving. Both Vodaphone’s and Telecom’s spokepeople were interviewed and said there’s no such thing as an automatic reply to incoming text messages. I’m not sure if I’m supposed to be surprised that they seem to have no clue what today’s mobile phones are capable of. There’s plenty of auto reply software available that everyone could easily install on a variety of availablemobiles. A quick search on Google revealed the following:

Auto SMS Reply (Windows Mobile)
Private Call & SMS Guard (Nokia/Symbian)
SMS Automated Responder (Nokia Communicator)
I’m busy (Blackberry)

I’m sure there must be heaps more out there! This is just another proof of what lack of competition in the telecommunications sector leads to: no innovation, no drive to be better than the competitor and absolutely no interest in providing customers a good service.

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