Girl Geek Dinner

by admin on 11/03/2008

I’ve just arrived back from Wellington’s first Girl Geek Dinner ever at Long Xiang, the Chinese Restaurant in Dixon Street. It was a pretty cool event, a nice mixture of eating, chatting and listening to successful women in geeky jobs – a very useful opportunity to get in contact with others working in similar areas. Unfortunately the food was not very good, even the dessert (ice cream) tasted funny, but the event itself was definitely worth going. On my way there I was wondering if women today really need a guy-free environment to talk – usually I’m not a great fan of too much feminism. But I don’t think that the meeting was focussed only on the feminine side of our geekyness, it was more a nice way of meeting new people, who just happen to be female. A few males were there as well, and I think it’s a bit weird that a boy won the main prize in the raffle, but apart from that Brenda and her helpers can be very proud of the event they organised…

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