MAX Sessions: XD: Bringing the desktop to the web (Ty Lettau)

by admin on 02/10/2007

This sessions covers mainly Adobe Express form the perspective of the XD team. Ty explains the team’s approach to creating new tools, where Observation is the first step of the process.

He goes on with the definition of Adobe Express: It is an online application suite that allows you to edit, create and share your media without leaving the web (build entirely in Flex). Ty then shows an example application of Adobe Premiere Express (a RIA for simple editing of digital video files) that can be customised to the clients needs. It’s currently used for example by Photobucket and MTV.

The early concepts of Express started with what was known to the team: the desktop. But it turned out that this was the wrong approach and we are guided us through some “historic” versions of Express to show the development over the years up to how it looks like today.

What’s next? Express is an ecosystem, not a singular product, so the concepts can be implemented and used in other applications for future visions.

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