MAX Sessions: XD: Best Practices for Creating Great Web Experiences (Andrew Lin)

by admin on 03/10/2007

The presentation starts with another overview of the Adobe XD Team and how the team was build up after the merger of Macromedia and Adobe and samples of their latest work are shown. The focus of the group lies in creating visions to get rid of digital experiences that “suck”.
Andrew shows the development of the Photoshop toolbar as an examplen and how its appearance changed over the year to become more usable and appealing in design. The slogan is “Experience Matters” and he shows the Wii, an Ikea store and the new Virgin blue virtual screen to stress the importance and success of carefully designed experiences.

The roles and goals of the XD Team within Adobe are:

– Inspire
– Initiate

– Implement
Their work and ideas seem to be pretty well regarded within Adobe.

What makes the team work?
– Emphasize Making (Generalist over Specialist)
– Promote Trust and Freedom
– Have Fun

How do they work together?
– Communication is crucial (communication is very informal)
– Process isn’t that important (focus on creating, not on following a strict defined process)
– Focus on the visions and goals

Their 5 rules of working:
– Simplify the problem
– Trust your instincts
– Share everything
– Fail fast (to suceed sooner)
– We are all peers before the objects

How we design:
– Useful.Usable.Desirable.

Next Andrew talks about the cornerstones that Tom Hobbs and Chris Heimbuch mentioned in their session on Monday as well
– What’s your point
– Content is King
– Create and experience, not an interface
– Choreograph sequence and flow

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