MAX Sessions: XD: Adobe’s Approach to Application Design (Tom Hobbs/Chris Heimbuch)

by admin on 01/10/2007

Adobe Experience Design is a team of 90 people taking care of the User Experience aspect of Adobe products. Once or twice a month they publish detailled case studies on to help the community creating great user experience themselves. In their session Chris and Tom highlighted some of the historic developments (from ghetto blaster via walkman to iPod) and ended with a couples of myths and resulting cornerstones:

Myth 1 – more features=more value
Cornerstone 1 – What’s your point?
Myth 2 – more chrome
Cornerstone 2 – Content is King (this is a big theme this year, we heard it already in the keynote)
Myth 3 – apps are just the sum of their parts
Cornerstone 3 – Create an experience, not a UI
Myth 4 – Animation is gratuitous
Cornerstone 4 – Choreograph sequence and flow

They finish with the conclusion: It’s about immersing your users in an experience, and the experience of content… forggetting that they’re driven. And with this conclusion the official part of Day 1 of Adobe Max ends for me. I will now attend the Sponsor Reception and enjoy my evening!

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