MAX Sessions: Forms gone wild (Duane Nickull)

by admin on 04/10/2007

The last session of MAX 2007 and I’m really tempted to skip this one. But being the good girl that I am, I finally decide to go, only to find out that it is at the other far end of the conference centre and it takes me ages to get there. So I’m late and when I sneak in Duane has just begun to show his personal Top 10 list of Bad Form Design. Some designs are really shocking and the following list of how-to and how-not-to do things results out of the forms shown and he not only talks about what’s wrong with examples but shows us how to create better experiences:
– Tabbing order is important
– Avoid Wrong Field and Data Types (eg country codes drop down instead of free text in “country of origin”-fields)

– Don’t make fields too small
– Think about the process, don’t force people to double entry
– Validating multiple fields onBlur()
– Stick to the right order, take care of dependancies (eg ask for “country” first to make sure the country has a state or zip code
– Never script without thinking
– Resetting all field can rarely be justified!
Important: Know the logic and process behind the form, understand the scope and breadth of the users, makes visual appearance so great the users would never have to use a manual!!!

I’m really tired now and getting a headache, so I missed to write down a few things, sorry for this!

That was Adobe MAX 2007 for me. I will add some pictures and comments during the next couple of day as well as a summary of the Sneak Peek session and the big party on Tuesday night.

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Duane Nickull January 10, 2008 at 12:00 am

Glad you made it and found it useful.



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