MAX Sessions: Creating Disruptive Experiences (Steven Webster)

by admin on 01/10/2007

The title of this session is a bit misleading, because we didn’t go deeper into real disruptions, but had a look at some really cool applications that do work well. Apparently this presentation was designed for a longer session and so Steven had to skip some of the good examples to stay within the time line of one hour max. One of the sites that impressed me most was an application of an isurance company in Lifecycle based on Flex in which people who had a car accident can drag and drop cars into position to demonstrate how the accident happened. Additionally they can mark damages on a virtual car. But the main purpose of this presentation wasn’t showing the latest flashy applications, but helping designers to ensure a user focussed process during development of a product. Key methodology is the 3D-Model “Discover-Define-Deliver” and keeping the team in communication during the process. My favorite part of the presentation was a short video from the year 1928, showing an average German kitchen and the ways a housewife has to walk to prepare and deliver dinner. After intense studies designers were able to deliver a kitchen that saved up to 90 meters walting distance for the women – so the usability and user experience thought is not new at all! ;-)

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