MAX Sessions: Branded Experiences with AIR (Gabor Vida/Tony MacDonnell)

by admin on 02/10/2007

Just on time for the start of this AIR-session – and there’s even a free book for every attendee: “Fusion Authority Quarterly Update, Vol. II Issue II”, nice, thank you.

The presentation starts with the question “How can AIR deepen brand awareness?” Basis are the following assumptions:

– Today, we have the power to control, create and share content.

– The value equation is fading, so to give a brand a positive look we need to provide value and do good.

AIR brings branded applications out of the browser and onto the desk top. Everyone loves their desktops and fit them to our own tastes and likes. Desktop applications require trust and belief in a brand. A web page is only a destination, while the desk top is part of our personality.

User surround themselves with touchpoints, potential environments where a brand can reach the user. The more touchpoints a brand uses the more chances a brand has to get noticed. Carefully identifying and shaping each touchpoint provides a holistic user experience. As an example Gabor shows, an online and offline usable music library.

Currently AIR excels at creating passive experiences and future applications will provide an active experiences. Advantages of AIR:
– AIR brings web design and development skills-sets to the desktop, which is necessary because the next generation of users are growing up on web based interfaces.
– The best UI designers in the world are currently working on web based experiences, with AIR they have the chance to create for the desktop as well.
– Cross Platform – build one, deploy many

Now Tony Mac Donnell comes on the stage and starts talking a bit more about the technical aspects of AIR. He goes on with more advantages of AIR: the opportunity to create nice atuff and having access to the file system.
The session ends with an outlook on visions and hopes for the future and a Q&A round.

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