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by admin on 06/08/2007

The German Chapter of the UPA (Usability Professional’s Association) has published the first results of their sector report 2007. They did a survey amongst Usability Professionals to show the development of the sector, examine vita of people working in the field of usability, and review salaries.

The first conclusion (results are for Germany only, but I reckon that a similar survey in other parts of the world would deliver similar findings):
– The majority of Usability Professionals (64%) is male, the average ages lies at 35 years
– Psychology is the subject most Usability Professionals studied at university, and it was widely agreed that it is the most helpful background for this kind of work
– For professional development most Usability Professionals use conferences, workshops, regular meetings with other Usability Professionals and reading specialist literature
– The typical Usability Professional is employed by a company with more than 100 employees; freelancer ofter work by themselves or in small teams with up to five people
– The biggest challenge in founding a company in the fields of Usability is, that potential clients don’t see the relevance for it and therefore are not willing to invest into the sector
– Salaries vary in accordance to experience, area/fields of operation and location of the company.

The complete overview can be found on the website of the UPA German Chapter.

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