by admin on 07/08/2007

Hurray, today was made public. The Flex and ColdFusion based application is the ultimate tool for people traveling through Australia. Ventego Creative is part of a large team of professionals (including the “inventors” of – Dirk Eisner and Leopold Humbel) who made this site one of the most essential websites for backpackers and other voyagers.

It’s a community-driven tool, featuring everything you need to plan, perform and evaluate your journey through Australia. Get all the information you need before you start, receive insider tips from fellow travelers, keep in touch with friends and family at home, share your happy moments or simply find someone to sell your equipment to before you return home – here you’ll find everything you need. In the first release the map, find interface, trip planner, contributor services and many more things are fully functional. Although there is currently still a lot of information missing, it’s stable and works very well, and the first load of content providers is getting on board. There will also be a list of new cool functionalities coming during the next few weeks and months (e.g. diary entries via txt, commenting etc.), so keep your eyes open for that. And the best thing is: everything is for free! So get out there, place your favourite destinations on the awesome map of Australia and be part of this from the very beginning!

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