Oz IA 2007

by admin on 29/08/2007

Over the weekend of 22/23 September, Information Architects and people working in related fields will be gathering in Sydney, Australia, at Oz IA 2007. Don’t miss this great opportunity to attend sessions, tech presentations, panels and workshops as well as chatting to other lovely geeks out there. Check out the presenters and their sessions; Early Bird Tickets will be available until 7th September.

Oz-IA/2007 - Sydney, September 22nd/23rd 2007

This conference seems to be very interesting to attend – I’d love to be there :-). But sadly with just having returned from Web On The Piste and Adobe MAX 2007 to come in early October, I can’t justify the costs for going to another conference in between this trips. Hopefully James Breeze’s idea of broadcasting online becomes reality – that would be awesome!

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