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by admin on 12/08/2007

A couple of weeks ago I was really excited about Air New Zealand’s little application How far can I go? and their google maps mashup to display travel routes. I still love both services, but in the meantime I was a little bit annoyed by Air New Zealand’s attitude towards Mac users. I stumbled across a little footer note about “Browser Compatibility” which states that the website is recommended for IE, and Mac users should use Firefox to get the best possible results, but should be aware that some parts of this site are not optimised for use with browsers running on Apple operating systems. To read more about this have a look at Philip Roy’s article on NZMac.com.
But it felt a little bit as if Air New Zealand knew that they had to deliver something to get me well-disposed again.

And they gave me Home sweet as, a competition to win one of 50 flights to Australia. Doesn’t sound too exciting? Have a look at the application and what you can do with it: If you know someone in Oz, simply write a message to him/her and Air New Zealand will display it on a large billboard (currently on Customs House in Sydney, but locations will vary during the promotion). As it is unlikely that your buddy is staring at the billboard the moment your message is on by chance, they’ll take a picture of it and send it to your friend or family member via email and you’ll get a copy, too. For me it worked out perfectly well, as Kai was in Sydney last week and I had the chance to remind him to bring some goodies home…;-)

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