Your Personal DNA

by admin on 29/07/2007

In Zef Fugaz’ Blog I found a link to a brilliant personality test. Usually I don’t like these small tests, which you can put into your MySpace or Facebook profile, telling you if you are a “fairy” or a “hobbit” or if you should be a student in “griffindor” rather than in “slytherin” when you start attending Hogwarts. But Personal DNA is a bit different. It takes you through a huge number of questions about yourself and how you see the world, but as they use different methods (slide bars, buckets, multiple choice…), it doesn’t get too boring to give the answers. Sometimes it’s a bit tricky to stay honest, there are a few questions where you might have a good understanding of how you want to be, but you really need to fill in how you actually are. The outcome is an analysis which in my case was frightening accurate (I’m an Advocating Inventor, which means kind of very social problem-solver with great imagination and visions ;-)). Additionally you’ll get your personality visualised in a pretty colorful way – mine looks like this:

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