How quake safe is your home?

by admin on 17/07/2007

This little application is probably most useful to people living in a high risk earth quake area, but it’s a good example on how user friendly a “What if…?”-scenario can be converted. The New Zealands Earth Quake Commision gives everyone the opportunity to check out the possible impact of an earth quake to the family home.

They show an average kiwi house and how to deal with the setting is pretty much self-explanatory: take the slide to the level of shaking you want to watch and chose if you want to see a quake safe or an unsecured house shaking. Then press the start button, watch the earth quake taking place on your screen and read some hints on how to improve the earth quake safeness afterwards. Straight and simple to the point, nothing that could be misunderstood or confusing. I like it!

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