How far can I go?

by admin on 05/07/2007

A couple of days ago Kai wrote about Air New Zealand’s fabulous new application “How far can I go”. I think it’s time to have a closer look at it – is it really as good as it appears to be?

Unfortunately this brilliant application is somehow hidden and not directly accessible from the start page – you have to find the “Offers”-tab first, from there it’s in the second chapter. But once you found it, you’re in traveller’s heaven. First of all you should check your bank account to figure out how much money you can/want to spend on your trip. Then you chose the airport you want to take off from (currently only available for flights departing from Auckland, Christchurch, Dunedin, Hamilton and Wellington). You start off with a map of New Zealand and use the sliding bar on the right hand side to adjust the amount of $$$ you want to hand over to the airline. Fine orange lines show you possible flight routes and the higher your amount of money the more places in the world are presented to you. The further you go, the smaller the NZ map gets and the more of the whole wide world is shown to you. Amazing, isn’t it? The magic border at the moment seems to be 3,100 Dollar, that takes you almost anywhere in the world. The flight details appear in a frame on the left hand side and are easy to select and you can book directly from there.

But Air New Zealand’s burst of innovation doesn’t end with this flash RIA; once you’ve made your booking it goes on and on. For example they are using google maps to visualise your planned journey for you. Unfortunately you can’t access it without have a booking reference, so here’s a pic of my upcoming trip:

Although I am not a big fan of Air New Zealand as an airline (they are permanently under-staffed, flights are too often delayed or completely cancelled etc), I really love the work they did on their website. Apparently they hired a few really talented and competent people…

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