Greenpeace Guide to Clean Energy

by admin on 24/07/2007

Wow, this is a great example of easy-to-use websites. Greenpeace New Zealand have updated their Clean Energy Guide and it’s pretty easy now to switch to an energy supplier that offers “green” electricity. “Green” in the case of New Zealand means energy generated only using renewable sources like hydro and wind, without the emission of carbon dioxide, which is generated by burning coal or gas.

First of all you’ll see a thermometer on the right hand side, that indicates where New Zealands electricity companies rank in regards to their cleanness. Maybe you’ll be shocked how bad your own supplier treats our valuable country and sure you want to switch to a better option. Simply follow the easy steps on the website and they will take you through to the cleanest energy supplier in your region in three easy steps:
1. Select your location
2. Choose the cleanest energy supplier available
3. Make the switch
These steps will guide you to an online form of the greenest supplier in your region and all you have to do is filling in your details. Make sure that you’ll have an invoice of your current supplier handy, because they will even cancel your old contract for you, too. So your contribution to slow down climate change is just a few clicks away – and Greenpeace and your new supplier are even doing the work for you. Amazing, isn’t it? For those who are still a bit unsure if they really want to switch, the info section on the website, which can be reached via the navigation tab on the left hand side, offers a great range of infromation and a FAQ section. It’s definitely worth reading. And if you want to, you can even send email massages to all energy suppliers in New Zealand, with different text depending on how bad they behave.

Clean Energy Guide

There are only two things that do need a tiny make over: The list of regions (to choose in the first step) are sorted North-to-South, while I personally would prefer an alphabetical listing. I’m so used to always find Wellington close to the end of such listings, that I get confused by meeting Christchurch and Dunedin down there ;-) The other thing is, that choosing the ooption “Select your location” instead of choosing a real region brings up an error page. It should bring you back to the start page again.

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Nick Young July 31, 2007 at 12:00 am

Glad you like the Clean Energy Guide! I’ve fixed the second little bug you mention but the alphabetical listing I’m not so sure about. Since the regions are aggregates of smaller regions I don’t think people are always going to be looking for the area that encompasses their region so in that respect it makes sense to provide more clues by listing North To South.

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