by admin on 22/07/2007

Since is now online for about 2 months, I decided to have a closer look at it. Michael Jung reports in his e-commerce-blog that a mere 3 million girls are already registered users and as a former Barbie fan I wanted to know what had changed in the last 25 years. I knew that there would be a huge difference between the Barbie Club that I belonged to in the 1980s (where you had to send a 10 Deutsche Mark-note to some dubious mailbox to receive a double-A4-Barbie-letter four times a year) and what the girls get today if they belong to the secret circle of insiders.

I expected it to be a nice online community and although I am aware that I am three times the age of the average target group individual, I thought that I would at least understand what this is all about. But I was mistaken. I spent roughly 20 minutes on the website, was able to get a character, get it dressed, changed my “apartment” and that was it. For a couple of things you need to be some kind of a mega-member, but whenever I requested more information about it, they showed me a Barbie mp3-player. There was a little chat window, which gave me the opportunity to type something in, but I couldn’t find out who I would end up talking to, maybe Barbie herself??? Ok, maybe I was not motivated enough to get the real meaning behind this, but I guess that my lack of ability to cope with a before-teenager-girl’s-club really lies in my age. I suppose that a huge company like Mattel did a lost of testing on there website and although it’s still a beta it should be well tested with target group candidates. I am just wondering where that leads us to, once those girls grow out of their teenager status and become the consumers of tomorrow. Will we still be able to feed their needs in approaching the web as well as those of the generations before and after?

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