by admin on 30/07/2007

I’m following quite a number of discussion groups on usability and today I read a couple of articles mentioning AttrakDiff. So far I hadn’t heard about it, so I did some investigations on what it is and what it can do.

AttrakDiff is a free tool by User Interface Design GmbH which allows you to have your products evaluated online by users. You may choose between three survey types, namely “Single Evaluation”, “Comparison before-after” and “Comparison between two products”. Simply log in, adjust welcome message and text modules, choose either pre-defined participants or decide to run it as a random survey on you website. Your participants will receive an email with a link to the survey and a passwort, so that each individual can only participate once. They than have to judge your product by choosing between word pairs, and in the end you’ll get a nice overview of the results. It tells you details about the Pragmatic Quality, the Hedonic Quality-Stimulation, the Hedonic Quality-Idendity and the Attractiveness of your product (and it even tell you what all this means ;-)). Additionally you’ll get some statistics on the up to 20 entrants you can have.

This tool definitely doesn’t replace proper testing, especially not as in the basic version you can’t define the word pairs to rate, but it could be a nice in-between-exercise to find out if you’re still on the right track while developing. It’s not much work to produce the survey and it’s free, so there are not many costs involved in using AttrakDiff.

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