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by admin on 20/06/2007

There’s no doubt that it would be pretty helpful for me to attend a conference and listen to various usability experts to become more experienced. So I had a brief look which events in the near future could be useful for me and so far I found a few really interesting ones:

1. The Usability Week organised by the Nielson Norman Group and held in Hong Kong, Washington D.C., London and San Francisco. Unfortunately this has just taken place in the last couple of months and I missed it :-(
2. UPA’s “Patterns: Blueprints for Usability” but this has taken place mid June as well, so I missed this one, too :-(
3. World Usability Day in Hamburg, Germany in November this year. But I can’t see myself spending this much money to attend a one-day-event. So most likely I will miss this one as well :-(

These were the most interesting conferences I could find by briefly scanning the internet. Does this mean that I can’t get face-to-face encounters with experienced experts?

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