Have you ever heard of Web 2.0?

by admin on 21/06/2007

Millions of people surf the internet each day, but do they know what they are doing and have they ever heard the term “Web 2.0”? German magazin Stern wanted to know and sent Ralf Sander to talk to polling firm SirValUse, who recently did a case study in Germany and the US. They found out that in Germany 36% of the internet users have heard about Web 2.0 while 28% of the Americans had an idea about this term. But it is really important to know the generic term of something to use it? People can handle Wikipedia, MySpace, Youtube and Flickr without knowing that they belong to the shiny world of Web 2.0, right? And over 90% of the people surveyed did and do so every day.

The main diffence between the two groups is, that Germans love using encyclopaedias and discussion forums, while amongst the Americans video and photo related webpages have the highest level of familiarity. Interesting fact is that in both countries the often critisised self-portrayel or posturing is not something people want to practise in front of the whole wide world: photo albums and information in social networks are mainly meant to be seen by friends and family. The exchange of information, mutual taking and giving, sharing specific knowledge and interesting data are more important for the users, before they even think about placing personal data online.

Although the article is not very lage, the data delivered are quite interesting. I’ll try to find a more detailled source for the survey, hope I’ll find something in English language…

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Kai June 21, 2007 at 12:00 am

What’s web 2.0 anyway? From my point of view, there’s no real unique and proper definition. Tim O"Reilly just mentioned that bloody term a while ago at a conference and now everyone is speaking about it and no one knows what exactly it is. The bad thing is that the media is creating a huge hype – as always.

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