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by admin on 15/05/2007

Why would a Social Scientist who works with a small trade union in New Zealand have a blog about usibility? There is a simple answer to this question: I want to be an active part of our family business ;-) By the end of 2006 my husband Kai started his own company and I became his partner. But being a Social Scientist who did an apprenticeship in a German bank ten years ago – there is not much I can contribute to a company offering consulting, training and development. So far I’m dealing with filing, accounting and taxes and send out invoices from time to time – but I want to deliver more.

I tried to learn programming. Using computer and internet for several years now I have a rough understanding of how things work. Someone recommended starting my “developer’s career” with html and php, so I bought a book called “PHP for kids” which picked me up on the right level. It’s a really good book, where a little rabbit explains how programming works. Whenever there is something really important, a carrot on the page alerts you for more attention. Unfortunately I could no longer stick with it when the coding became more complicated and every little distraction meant that I had to start from the beginning. I just can’t concentrate on numbers and letters for an extrem long period of time. That was the end of my developer’s career.

But what else could I do to make my contribution to our company and to support Kai with the incredible amount of work he’s doing at the moment? It must be something that has to do with people. With interaction, community, making things easier. And so the idea was born to take a deep dive into the secrets of usability! This blog is here to document my journey to explore the topic from the scratch. I have no idea where it will lead to – maybe I will give up on this like I gave up on programming. Maybe I will become a world known expert on usability. Or maybe I’ll just be something in-between, someone with the ability to use my knowledge for Ventego Creative. Who knows? We will see… Tips and hints to bring me closer to the mysteries of usability are always welcome!

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