My first test

by admin on 21/05/2007

I did a usability test myself. A friend of mine is working for a company launching a new portal soon and they asked me to comment on their site. Without having much of an usibility testing background I just pretended being a new user to their web page. Two guys were sitting next to me and taking notes of my comments during my journey through what they offer. I spottet a couple of things that I as a user would prefer in a different way, but two main things really made me curious:
1) I liked the color scheme – and I was the only one to mention that. Is this gender related? Do girls notice colors while boys don’t care? That’s definitely something I need to find out more about!
2) I use too many websites with advertisements. I didn’t even have a single look at the places I would expect ads in – so my main focus laid in the centre of the web performance and I totally irgnored the important information in the left and right columns. I’m really interested if it’s just me who has an ruined view on websites due to over-advertisement. This will definitely be one of the next steps I’ll be looking into…

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