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by admin on 25/05/2007

Currently I’m inquesting websites on roses for an article in the German IT magazine iX. While some very few sites are somehow professional and easy to use, most of them are absolutely shocking when it comes to usability. Examples? You don’t even have to understand German to find out that this is highly frustrating for users:

1. On a links overview you can’t tell if a click on a link will open a new browser window or not, so most people who want it to open in a new window would use a right mouse click, right? If you try this on the only result this will cause is the opening of a popup saying “Have much fun while surfing!” with the option to press an ok-button. After agreeing the small window vanishes and nothing else happens. If you want to click through a couple of these links and try the right mouse click out of habit for a few times, you’ll become really aggressive after a while, believe me!
2. A less frustrating but absolutely useless website is the one of the Europa Rosarium, which is the largest rose museum of the world in a small German village called Sangerhausen. Apparently they do have an existing Website but if you click on the link above you’ll simply get a note saying “Future home of”. It can’t be that hard to forward the user to the existing website, can it?

I really appreciate that different people have different talents and while I have no idea about rose processing I don’t expect a rose lover to know how to build a website. But for user’s sake they should rather not having a website at all, then testing people’s patience by running poorly designed websites…

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