Don’t make me think

by admin on 18/05/2007

… that’s the title of a book by Steven Krug which seems to be quite popular amongst people who deal with usability. Fortunately it was sitting on Kai’s book shelf anyway, so I didn’t have to stroll book shops for the ultimate beginners guide to usability. It always scares me a little bit when an author knows his readers even before they know that they will be reading this particular book one day. On one of the first pages Steven mentions that this short book is more or less designed to be read on a plane ride – huh, how did he know that I was going to read in on the way from Wellington to Rotorua, which happens to be a plane ride of roughly one hour? That scared me a little bit, to be honest. But regardless the fact that I felt watched I started working through the first chapters. So far I read the first six chapters; I like the style, the structure and the samples very much. It didn’t tell me anything new yet, but it covers the “Guiding Principles” which should be common sense but are still ignored by most webdesigners, at least if I compare a couple of websites I recently used. But there are still six more chapters to go, which are headlined “Things you need to get right”, “Making sure you got them right” and “Larger concerns and outside influence”. That sounds very promising and I’m looking forward to read on.

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